The Procedure

  1. We ask you to send us 3 photos full face . One photo of yourself without makeup . One photo of yourself with makeup . One photo of the ideal brow you want . 
  2. Two weeks prior , DO NOT wax or tweeze your brow hair . 
  3. The Day Before your appointment . DO NOT  drink or do any recreational drugs or any form of medical opiate. Do Not take anything that affect your decision . Your  Service will be cancel .
  4. The Day Appointment , Come in with your brows drawn on . This helps us visually see how you like to wear them . Natural or Dark , High or Low , Thin or Thick . 
  5. We take a few picture of you and the brows you have on . Clean your the work surface , reshape and measure according to you. 
  6. Color is swatch , color is custom to each clients liking whether its  Brown, Black, Auburn, Soft Ash , Olive Brown , Unlimited tones  for all undertones and skin tone.
  7. Once Shape & Color agreed upon . The tattooing begin. All Single use  sealed Disposable visually on the tray.
  8. During the tattoo , numbing is applied for any discomfort . At any given time,  we may ask you to sit  up and lay back down to double check the placements.
  9. At the End of your Procedure . We will hand your a mirror and go through any detailing you may want. WE DO NOT do anything without your Consent.  
  10. After the procedure. We will go over aftercare with you . Then book a follow-up appointment
  11. Some set of brows may need a retouch , Some may look patchy during the healing phase . Some color comes back in a few weeks and some doesn't . This all depends on clients skin , Medication , Aftercare . This is what retouches are for , some may  need more retouches than other .  Retouches ranges from 30 min to 1 hour depending on what client needs .
  12. AFTER  6-8 weeks. You are fully healed . At this time ,  your brows may look thinner  and much softer . Any adjustment can be done at the retouch appointment. Longer , Thicker , Higher , Darker , More Square , More Round . Can all be done . Keep in mind We Cannot REMOVE anything , This is why keeping brows most natural form  is best . 
  13. Direct calls and texts are available for any concern during this healing phase. Picture also can be sent to us. 7023284494 .