Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last?

This is still Permanent makeup . The reason why we call it SEMI , because color fades over the course of time . THERE WILL ALWAYS BE COLOR AS IT FADES OUT . IT'S STILL PERMANENT ON YOUR SKIN. Placement is very important !!

it can last anywhere from 1-5 years , depending on lifestyle and skin . The darker you go the longer they will last . 

sunbathe , tanning , botox , swimming  , facials , medical condition , they all effect your tattoo . 

Can I keep my brow hair ? What's my Color & Shape ?

Yes  , We keep as much of your natural eyebrow as possible . The more hair you have the more natural your tattoo will look.

Color and Shape is custom to each individual client  , to match skintone , undertone , and natural hair color . We do Not do anything until you agree on Shape and Color .

Does it hurt ? Medical Condition ?

Numb cream is applied to ease any kind of discomfort. On a scale from 1-10  , pain level is bout 1. Some people sleep through the procedure ,  some say it itch , some say it tickles  . This Vary from Client to Client . 

Is this Safe ?

All procedure is perform at the highest standard . Following OHSA GUIDELINES Single use disposable cartridge needles , cottons , barrier , pigments , cups , caps , ect.

I have permanent makeup done by someone else . Can you FIX it ?

YES , and NO . Depending on the placement of the tattoo ,  color and the condition of your skin . 

Please TEXT a photo to 7023284494 or Email

How many session will I need ? New Brows, Correction , Scar , Thick & Thin Skin

Commonly 2 session . Schedule 4-8 weeks out ,  its included in the initial pricing .  Seldomly does one need a 3rd retouch .

Your Skin is our Canvas . The better your skin the better tattoo will look .