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Tattoo , Should heal like a sunburn , they will dry out and peel . If they  itch  , Use Aquaphor and tapping motion to it. If they swell , you may use Hydrocortisone . 

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  • Expect slight swelling and a little redness in the immediate area
  • Keep the area moist using a Q-tip with sterile Aquaphor given to you ( not overly greasy ) 1 or 2 times a day ( Morning and Night ) for 7-10 days . If slight crust appears on pigmented surface , do not force removal by picking or scratching! ( You will remove pigment along with the crust )
  • Avoid Washing the treated area for 48 hours 
  • After the first 48 hours , wash with mild soap and water, PAT DRY.
  • Avoid brow pencil for 2 weeks following procedure
  • Avoid hot steamy showers, A thin coat of Aquaphor over the tattoo area when washing  or showering . PAT DRY
  • The procedure may have some peeling on around  day 5-10 . This is a normal process of healing for some clients. DO NOT PICK. Picking can cause scars
  • The Application of permanent cosmetic is 2 step procedure , Sometimes 3 Depending on skin and retention.
  • Avoid Sun, Tanning for 7-10 days 
  • Avoid Chlorine pools , saunas and Jacuzzis
  • Avoid Retin A, Glycolic Acid , Aloe , and Vitamin E Products
  • No Terry Towels on Pigment area
  • No Gardening , Stay away from dirt for 3 days
  • If you are planning a chemical peel , MRI , or other medical procedure inform them that you have iron oxide cosmetic tattoo
  • You must wait 1 year to give blood 
  • Any kind of laser can cause the pigment to turn black. Avoid procedure site
  • After you have healed , use a good sunscreen daily to prevent premature fading
  • If any signs of infection occurs , abnormal swelling , redness or any kind of pain associated with the procedure , call your physician . Let us know of you have any adverse reaction  .
  • Use a Tapping motion to itch.

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                   * Health department Of Las vegas body Art  702 759 1000 

 *******Pigments Rejections  . In very rare cases of pigment rejection . The body  naturally pushes the pigments back out to the surface . Clients unable to retain any color . 

*****The same an happen with  poor aftercare.  

What to expect 

Days 1-5  

   Brows will be dark. The color will fade 30-50% when done healing . Any swelling will subside within 24 Hours . 

Days 3-6 

   Expect Scabbing and unevenness in color . This is NORMAL stage of healing . 

Days 10-14

  Brows are done peeling. You maybe resume any daily activities. 

Day 15- 45

   Brows are fully healed , Be sure to schedule and return for your follow-up appointment .

NOTE : Skin cannot be too dry or too moist , use only a small amount of ointment .

* Any Case of Emergency You can call or text Konne Hoang 7023284494 

* Health department Of Las vegas body Art  702 759 1000