Konnie Hoang

How long have you been tattooing ?

  I been tattooing  about  2 1/2 years  . Waxing and shaping brows for about 16 years. 

How did you get into permanent makeup ?

I sign up for Instagram in 2015 . Immediately captivated by this new generation of Permanent Makeup .  I can create such natural looking brows .  I'm fascinated by the art of tattooing,  as well as the art of the brows . I can change the look of the entire face by just a good set if brow. 

What makes you different from other artist ?    

  I don't compare myself to any other artist  , if I could I would like to learn from everyone in the industry  . Everyone has a unique touch and a different eye in beauty . As long as my Clients are Happy , that all that truly matters to me . 

Is this hard ?

Yes and No . Yes it was difficult the beginning  like everything else in life . Once I got the right training and understood everything I was doing it became easier .  I trained with many permanent makeup artist , my best training  was from regular body tattoo artist . Jason , he taught me machine and depth of each skin   . From there ,  I'm able to combine all the technique I've learn into my own style of tattooing .